MMTA’s Behind the Wheel Q3 Fall 2019

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Maryland Motor Truck Association’s newest edition of Behind the Wheel is hitting the streets this week! Here’s the digital version for quick reference and to keep you up to speed with what’s happening at MMTA.

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Nebraska Trucker’s Issue 4 2019 features Women of Nebraska Trucking

Found at the link below is the digital version of your advertiser-advance copy of our newest edition of Nebraska Trucker
This digital version of Nebraska Trucker will be directly emailed to all Nebraska Trucking Association members. In addition, it will be featured on MPG’s and NTA’s websites as well as promoted via social media by way of MPG’s and NTA’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We will, again, saturate the industry with our trucking news as it relates to Nebraska!
This edition of Nebraska Trucker features women in trucking in Nebraska who are doing big things and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy their stories.
Our printed edition is in the mail on its way to you and more than 6,600 trucking, shipping and suppliers company executives now.

Tennessee Trucking News Q2 Summer 2019

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We are so excited to introduce you to Tennessee Trucking Association’s next generation of industry leaders — TTA’s Young Professionals Council has hit the ground running! See the full story on Patrick Mendenhall of Cumberland International Trucks in Nashville and the team he and TTA have assembled in the newest edition of Tennessee Trucking News which you’ll find at the link below. (Printed version is en route to our more than 6,000 readers across Tennessee and beyond NOW!)

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NCTA’s Brand New Guide to North Carolina Trucking

We have exciting news to share with you…
Together with the North Carolina Trucking Association, we’ve created a brand new publication to accompany NCTA’s stellar magazine, Tarheel Wheels. It’s a membership directory and buyers’ guide showcasing NCTA corporate members.
It’s called NCTA’s Guide to North Carolina Trucking and we believe you’re going to love it! Here are a few things you’ll want to know…
   • It is an annual publication with a nice, long shelf life making your ad dollars stretch even farther.
   • It contains free listings of all NCTA members, both carriers and suppliers alike.
   • Trucking companies are listed alphabetically with key contacts included. Allied companies are listed both alphabetically and categorically by what products and/or services the provide.
   • We have direct-mailed it to a vast database of readers created by NCTA that includes more than 8,000 highly targeted trucking and shipping executives.
   • This Guide to North Carolina Trucking is now considered our Q1 Spring publication for 2019. The remaining three editions will be Q2, Q3 and Q4 of Tarheel Wheels.
So, if you’re able to agree to a four-time placement agreement as a Tarheel Wheels advertiser, you will receive the same great, discounted, decreased rate compared to what you were paying before MPG started publishing Tarheel Wheels. It’s a win-win!
For more details, please email our publisher at for personalized attention.
Thank you to all of our amazing advertisers for your business and your support — We would love to promote you and we appreciate your making this publication possible!
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Behind the Wheel featuring MMTA’s Person of the Year

Introducing MMTA’s 2019 Person of the Year: Mr. Wayne Gaumer of Lightning Transportation. You will want to read all about him — and other editorial topics in this edition such as big data and its impact on trucking, MMTA’s Driver of the Year and a special feature on an important MMTA member, Kelly — in our newest edition of Behind the Wheel at the link included here.
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Tennessee Trucking News Q4 Winter 2018-2019


Tennessee Trucking News has hit the streets with another awesome edition. This edition features Tennessee Senator Paul Bailey and his company, CB Trucking, as our cover profile and Dan Kanabroski and his company, Centrality Business Technologies as our Member Spotlight. We are delighted to tell their stories!

Also in this edition, on page 26-27, you’ll find a lovely tribute to  Bill Reed, Skyline Transportation. He was a tremendous individual who passed away at the end of 2018. With his passing, he left a gigantic hole in the trucking industry and in the hearts of all those who adore him. We will miss him sorely.

Here’s the link to our digital edition for your reading pleasure and convenience…


Tarheel Wheels: the Digital Edition

The digital version of North Carolina Trucking Association’s newest edition of Tarheel Wheels is officially out on the streets and desks of transportation executives across North Carolina! And, this is MPG’s first edition to publish for NCTA. We are confident that you are going to love this magazine!

Visiting with some drivers….Freightwaves published an interesting piece…

We wonder if the gentleman in the cover image accompanying this article is happy with the headline of this article. He’s the guy in the story who said, “ELD: It is what it is; you got to go with the flow. Before, on paper, there was always the ability to adjust things, you know.” Either way, we like to hear what drivers are saying about the topics we continue to cover.
Our favorite lines of this story…
“WHAT I LIKE: The things I get to see. Left to my own devices. Can sing at top of my voice.”
Yeah, we like that, too.
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