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As a boutique publishing firm specializing in strategic marketing, custom publishing and public affairs for trucking associations, Matthews Publishing Group helps these organizations publish their magazines by providing a range of services. These services may include layout and design, writing, printing and marketing. We work closely with the trucking associations to ensure that the magazine accurately reflects the values and interests of its members.

In addition to producing the physical magazine, We also offer digital publishing options, such as an online version of the magazine. By leveraging the expertise and resources we provide for our clients, trucking associations from across the USA have been able to produce high-quality magazines that engage and inform their members.


Behind the Wheel Q4 Winter 2023

Everyone’s talking about ZEVs, new rules and regs coming out of California, and how trucking leaders in their home state...
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Caltrux Profiles Leaders of Legendary PrePass Organization

Check out this hot new edition of California Trucking Association’s stellar statewide magazine, Caltrux!Our cover story features in-depth interviews with...
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Rhode Warrior Issue 2, 2023 ~ “?”

“This edition of Rhode Warrior is dedicated to bringing you information on this volatile and contentious matter [of the race...
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NCTA’s Tarheel Wheels featuring Lora Dedmon, A.V. Dedmon Trucking

We are delighted to share a sneak peek at the current Tarheel Wheels cover this terrific success story of family-owned...
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Celebrating 50 Years with M&W Logistics Group

Celebrating 50 Years with M&W Logistics Group, headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., a proudly family-founded, family-owned trucking company. Read their story...
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Milepost’s Third Quarter 2023 Edition

What’s your succession plan? In the hectic day-to-day of one of the nation’s industry backbones, it’s easy to postpone planning...
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