Tarheel Wheels featuring Keith Barnes, Barnes Transportation

This cover makes us so happy. In 22 years, we’ve never had the great good fortune of featuring images of our cover profile executive in front of whirligigs. None of us get to incorporate whirligigs into our every day conversation. Here’s our chance and we really love that!

Here’s a link to the entire edition of North Carolina Trucking Association’s magazine, Tarheel Wheels, which you won’t want to miss! Keith Barnes has a wonderful story that exemplifies the heart of trucking: homegrown, family-owned and operated, salt of the earth. Everyone who’s anyone in trucking in North Carolina is checking this out right alongside you…

And, Barnes Transportation happens to be situated near the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson, N.C. providing a wonderful backdrop for a wonderful company. If you’re interested in visiting it when in North Carolina, check it out:

3500 Vicksburg Lane North, Suite 400-337, Minneapolis, MN 55447 501.907.6776