Milepost’s Third Quarter 2023 Edition

What’s your succession plan?

In the hectic day-to-day of one of the nation’s industry backbones, it’s easy to postpone planning for the future. But in an industry comprised of predominantly small businesses (some 91%*), and many of them family-owned, it’s a necessity. Catch the newest edition of TANY’s Milepost for some informed insight on this subject and more.

Milepost is the only magazine in the great state of New York dedicated to trucking! It’s en route now to more than 10,000 readers now – all leaders in transportation – so be on the lookout for it. And if you aren’t in the mailing list for the printed edition, you can always check back here for the digital version in a couple of days or so.

*According to Trucking Moves America Forward

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