Florida Truck News featuring Mike Cobb

Here’s a fun look at our Winter 2023 edition of Florida Truck News featuring Mike Cobb, president & COO of Momentum Transportation on this great-looking cover!

“Mike is a combination of a NAVY Seal and fraternity brother. His acumen in trucking issues is second to none, while at the same time, he’s accessible and fun. There’s no better day when I can talk to him about an idea with the association and I hear him belly laugh. That’s my greatest joy working with Mike as board chair. He understands how hard our staff works, and joins in, as we throw spaghetti at the wall, to see what sticks. Mike brings joy and affirmation to our work; always willing to dig in to make us better.”

— Alix Miller, president & CEO, Florida Trucking Association

No way could we have said it better than FTA’s leader did.

Stay tuned for the print edition mailing to you on Monday.



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