TANY’s Milepost – Fourth Quarter 2023

Milepost, the official magazine of the Trucking Association of New York, has another stellar edition hitting the streets in the coming days. Judging from its vibrantly colorful cover, you’re sure to notice!

This new edition of Milepost is packed with stories of research data collected, deciphered, and analyzed by the American Transportation Research Institute. Our cover story takes a close look at one of ATRI’s reports entitled, “An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking: 2023 Update.”

Other topics fueled by ATRI’s study results and covered in this edition shed light on the results of their ever-popular critical industry issues survey, the cost of congestion, and the nation’s most congested places. But that’s not all… You’ll also find stories on preemption and derivatives, a driver training program traveling throughout New York, and highlights of TANY’s recent Annual Management Conference.

Come back in a few days to peruse the digital edition and check out this meaty editorial line up.

In the meantime, please consider making a corporate contribution to the American Transportation Research Institute. Their dedication, intellect, and hard work supply valuable information that quite simply cannot be found elsewhere. This information boldly strengthens the industry’s efforts in advocacy, safety, and education of those within the industry and those making decisions that impact the industry. For more details on how to donate, please visit: .

Thank you for paying attention!


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