Matthews Publishing Group (MPG) is a virtual advertising agency and publishing firm specializing in strategic marketing, custom publishing and public relations.

MPG is uniquely structured to ensure a cost effective approach to all creative endeavors. After analyzing your specific objectives, MPG utilizes the inherent cost-efficiencies of outsourcing to a team of talented professionals who work on a project basis to accomplish your goals. This approach provides you with a finished product that is much higher in quality for an overall lower cost than most traditional advertising agencies or public relations firms.

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Recent Updates

  • Tennessee Trucking News Q1 Spring 2018

    Introducing the newest edition of Tennessee Trucking News for your reading enjoyment! This edition features, among other things, a terrific look into a program near and dear to our hearts, Drivers Legal Plan. You’ll also find interesting topics such as dispelling some healthcare myths, TTA’s new director of safety, ATRI...

  • Nebraska Trucker No. 1 2018

    If you haven’t already met him, we’re happy to introduce Nebraska Trucking Association’s new president, Kent Grisham, featured on the cover of our newest edition of Nebraska Trucker! And we’re equally excited to share the newest edition of Nebraska Trucker with you via our digital version. (Your printed edition will...