Matthews Publishing Group (MPG) is a boutique publishing firm specializing in strategic marketing, custom publishing ~ specifically for trucking association magazines ~ and public affairs.

MPG is uniquely structured to ensure a cost effective approach to all creative endeavors. After analyzing your specific objectives, MPG utilizes the inherent cost-efficiencies of outsourcing to a team of talented professionals who work on a project basis to accomplish your goals. This approach provides you with a finished product that is much higher in quality for an overall lower cost than most traditional advertising agencies or public relations firms.

Put our team to work for your company!

Recent Updates

  • Register TODAY for MTAC’s 100th Anniversary Virtual Conference

    Calling all transportation professionals in or affiliated with Connecticut: Register now (it’s free!) for MTAC’s 100th Anniversary Virtual Annual Conference today and enjoy presentations by several delightful and interesting companies on Oct. 29! Copy & paste into your URL: MTAC Annual Conference #mpgisinthehouse #motortransportassociationofconnecticut #mtac #thenewnormal #lovewhatyoudo #trucking #truckingmovesamericaforward

  • Tarheel Wheels featuring Keith Barnes, Barnes Transportation

    This cover makes us so happy. In 22 years, we’ve never had the great good fortune of featuring images of our cover profile executive in front of whirligigs. None of us get to incorporate whirligigs into our every day conversation. Here’s our chance and we really love that! Here’s a...