Open Road Q4 Winter 2020-2021 ~ featuring Crystal Collins, NCTA’s president

Louisiana Motor Transport Association, Inc. has a new & improved magazine, Open Road, and we here at MPG are grateful to be back on the team a decade after the launch of the very first edition to promote our friends in Louisiana! LMTA also has a new leader and she’s a rock star!

Meet Renee Amar. Her cover profile, Right to the Point, is a great introduction to this straight shooter who gets the job done. If you want to conduct business with Louisiana’s trucking industry, you’ll benefit greatly by reaching out to Renee.

You’ll want to check out the article, Delivering Protection, on the vital role LMTA members are playing locally and nationwide to get COVID-19 vaccinations delivered.

And, It’s What We Do is an intimate look at the character of Louisiana truckers who, despite a global pandemic and multiple hurricanes, continue their remarkable, selfless spirit of giving to help others in need.

Also, see what’s going on with the Gas Tax Debate and what a Biden Administration might mean for trucking!

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out now:

And while you’re at it, be sure to take note of our awesome advertisers who make this magazine possible.

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Tarheel Wheels Issue 3, 2020-2021 ~ featuring NCTA’s president

We are thrilled to share with you the newest edition of North Carolina Trucking Association’s statewide magazine dedicated to transportation leaders, Tarheel Wheels!

As promised, our cover feature on Crystal Collins, NCTA’s president, is a testimony to the strength, endurance and courage she brings to NCTA and you’re sure to enjoy it. Also featured, you’ll find insight on the economy as it relates to the trucking industry, ATRI’s top ten issues survey results for North Carolina trucking executives and an emerging pathway for recruiting young talent into the trucking industry.

Click on the link below (or copy and paste it into your URL) and ENJOY! #mpg #lovewhatyoudo #tellingyourstories #trucking #ncta #TruckingMovesAmericaForward


Tennessee Trucking News Q2 Summer 2020 featuring Jeff Reed, Skyline Transportation

Hey, there! Here’s a sneak peek at the newest edition of Tennessee Trucking Association’s magazine, Tennessee Trucking News for you!

In addition to TTA’s 90th anniversary convention coverage, TTA’s effort to end FET and ATRI’s nuclear verdicts analysis, we’ve featured Jeff Reed, CEO of Skyline Transportation and newly elected chairman of Tennessee Trucking Association and his story is a great one! Mr. Reed exemplifies the down-to-earth yet legendary individuals who make up this great industry.

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Register TODAY for MTAC’s 100th Anniversary Virtual Conference

Calling all transportation professionals in or affiliated with Connecticut:

Register now (it’s free!) for MTAC’s 100th Anniversary Virtual Annual Conference today and enjoy presentations by several delightful and interesting companies on Oct. 29!

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MTAC Annual Conference

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Tarheel Wheels featuring Keith Barnes, Barnes Transportation

This cover makes us so happy. In 22 years, we’ve never had the great good fortune of featuring images of our cover profile executive in front of whirligigs. None of us get to incorporate whirligigs into our every day conversation. Here’s our chance and we really love that!

Here’s a link to the entire edition of North Carolina Trucking Association’s magazine, Tarheel Wheels, which you won’t want to miss! Keith Barnes has a wonderful story that exemplifies the heart of trucking: homegrown, family-owned and operated, salt of the earth. Everyone who’s anyone in trucking in North Carolina is checking this out right alongside you…

And, Barnes Transportation happens to be situated near the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson, N.C. providing a wonderful backdrop for a wonderful company. If you’re interested in visiting it when in North Carolina, check it out: